Special Ops Security Services is a fully bonded and insured security and investigative service company. We are unique in that all of our officers are specialized protective services professionals and have received training from the very best in the business. Many of our officers are current or previous law enforcement officers and investigative experts.

This has allowed us to customize our security services for our clients to ensure they are comfortable and safe with our personnel. We provide 24 hours of service to our clients at a competitive rate while seeking long term relationships with every client we work with.

Our business is built on integrity where we promise to deliver the best service for a reasonable price while keeping a high level of confidentiality.

Special Ops Security Services is one of the most rapidly growing companies of its kind in the NJ & Metropolitan area. Special Ops Security provides high level security services to clients seeking a comprehensive range of services.

We offer armed and unarmed security services, event and crowd control security, private investigative services, and many other protection-related services that can be tailored and customized to the individual client's specific needs.

In the US, particularly within the NY metropolitan area, the continued threat of terrorism, kidnappings, random acts of harassment and other cent occurrences, have heightened the need for security and personal protection.

We work with our clients to customize protective strategies for maximum security measures. We plan to expand our investigative service offerings to accommodate our ever changing social and economic conditions.

Bottom line: we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service with maximum security measures in place to help them feel protected.






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SORA Training classes are now being offered through our Security Officer Training Institute (S.O.T.I) twice a month, please call 908-686-8714 for additional information.

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