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Special Ops has its site on the future

In light of growing competition in the security services industry and the Special Ops initiative to efficiently elevate technology in communicating company values and branded information; the management team at Special Ops Security Services is close to launching its new website and communication portal.  Special Ops believes the site will attract more business to the firm and increase our competitive position locally.  Way2Creative out of Los Angeles was retained to serve as the new developer of the website for Special Ops Security Services.  They have a solid reputation and are known to build highly professional and effective online marketing services for aggressive companies.  The areas of focus this time around (according to CEO and President, Anthony High) is, exposure, functionality, and experience.  The current site is written in a language that does not allow for much exposure for security service seekers.   The new site allow for more exposure and positioning when searching for security in New York, New Jersey or Baltimore, Md.  

"We are taking a much different approach in launching this new site", says Managing Partner, Tyrone Taylor.  "Our goal is to be number one on the list for anyone looking for security services in our geographical market.  This new site will maximize the search engines, include the local directories and most importantly, promote the live content that associates us with our target demographic." 

New features and  content will be continuously developed that will bring potential clients to our services, educate them on Special Ops personal protection and security service organization, and give them extremely fast quotes.  Also, the site will have features for staffing in presenting career opportunities, and a back office feature for our employees to log on and interact with company conveniently online.

Special Ops Is particularly excited about the new site and expects business will continue to keep growing, but at a more rapid pace as a result of the new website launch.  We invite all of our current clients to visit the site which is expected to go live sometime before December 4, 2009. 




Special Ops Security has recently provided security services for the Maya Angelou and Third World performances at the New Brunswick State Theater, recently signed into a contract with a major Publishing Company located in NY and NJ, and continue to provide on-demand security services at high profile, fortune 500 companies in the NJ/NYC area.


After months of hard work, on April 25, 2007, Special Ops Security Services of Short Hills, NJ was awarded contracts with HaloJen Productions and www.halojenproductions.com and TAK Construction Group www.takgroupinc.com. Both companies are based out of New Jersey and have agreed to utilize Special Ops Security Services to provide security for their upcoming projects and venues. Special Ops Security Services will be the primary security coordinator of the Coexistence Festival, www.coexistencefestival.org , outdoor event being held on May 5 & 6. It will take place in New Brunswick, NJ in conjunction with the City of New Brunswick and Rutgers University. The overall three week event is produced by HaloJen Productions.

HaloJen Productions is a New Jersey based Company that produces and manages full-scale events such as, concerts, theatrical events, and festivals. They have collaborated on a number of large-scale music and arts festivals and has independently produced other events. In addition to providing the administrative services for a FEMA camp in Baton Rouge that offered shelter for the Hurricane Katrina/Rita relief workers for the Deployed Resources in 2005, they had projects in 2006 that included concerts for The Fab Faux, Clay Aiken, and many others. For a number of years HaloJen Productions managed the New Brunswick State Theater's box office and handled Sales and Marketing for the theater as well.

TAK Construction, Inc. (TAK) is a General Contractor and Construction Management Company specializing in concrete, masonry, stucco and exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS). TAK’s current contracts and marketing efforts are primarily in New Jersey and the Greater New York and Philadelphia Metropolitan areas. TAK’s current office is centrally located in Clark, New Jersey. Since its inception in 1987, TAK has completed over 100 projects with an aggregate value in excess of $400 Million!

Anthony High, CEO/President of Special Ops Security states, "We are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide security services to these two companies. It is definitely a step in the right direction for us. Our focus is to provide these two new clients with the best service possible while continuing to build our business for success. Our hope is that through their experience with Special Ops, they will not only give us repeat business, but will also refer us to other potential clients."